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Call now for to talk about your trees to ensure your home and neighbors are safe from the risk of overhanging or potentially dangerous trees or for any tree service inquiries.

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For the last 19 years we have specialised in giving people a friendly and reliable Tree Lopping Perth Service.


Our Services

Tree Pruning – Clean up and removal

Trees may require pruning for many reasons ranging from growing too large to overhanging roofs and shading solar panels. We can safely prune your trees and leave your place clean and tidy.

Palm Tree Pruning and Removal

Palm trees look there most attractive when cleaned properly. This means removing dead fronds and seed pods and loose husks. They also have a tendency to outgrow there plant space and require removal.

Hedge Trimming

Hedges are a great way to create privacy and define boundaries.Regular maintenance by trimming tops and sides keeps them thick and clean. Trimming keeps them from leaning on walls and fences preventing damage and off drive and walkways.

Stump Grinding

Stump removal is sometimes required when the area is to be re purposed for buildings paths or even other trees. Modern stump grinders  are an efficient way of removing stumps to allow the area to be used again.

Perth Weather.Perth is experiencing another wet and windy winter. have your trees and bushes trimmed well away from roof and walls to prevent storm damage. We can even check your gutters while we are there.

Before planting unfamiliar shrubs in the garden check your neighbourhood to see if there are any established close by. It is an ideal way to see how they will grow in your garden. Some may struggle where as some grow beyond expectation and can lead to problems in the future.

Dont risk doing dangerous pruning unless you are confident in your equipment and capabilities. Also, tree work creates more green waste than you think and can be hard to remove if you have no verge pick up coming.


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