Tree Lopping Perth

At Treewest Tree Service we have over 20 years experience in tree lopping and felling. experienced tree climbers that can do rear yard trees without the need for expensive cherry pickers or elevated work platforms saving you money and damage from heavy equipment

Tree made safe in Bassendean

This large gum was taken down to a safe height by climbing and lowering branches.

Tree Tidy

Cleaning large gum tree of fragile lower limbs and regrowth for safety

Large Limbs removed from Overhanging Roof

Reduce leaf litter load in your gutters by removing overhanging roofs to reduce gutter rot and flooding as well as fire hazards in the summer

Tree regrowth

Sometimes tree regrowth can create bigger problems as it tends to be weaker than the original limbs as well as not being asthetically pleasing.

Trees that we fell are upcycled into furniture and building products. Smaller pieces become firewood and the remainder is wood chipped for garden mulch
This is a selection of timber we have from our tree lopping.Some of this has been upcycled already while other pieces are still drying.Looking forward to seeing this transform and be used again

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For all your tree, palm,hedge removals trimming or maintenance

Treewest Tree Service


Treewest Tree Service was established in 1999. Experienced in tree lopping, shaping and trimming as well as ground levels.

Don’t risk your safety on a dangerous tree! Climbing a tree with a chainsaw may not be an Olympic event, but it is difficult and dangerous if you don’t have the right saws and safety equipment. At

“Treewest Tree Service” we have all the right gear to get the job done safely and efficiently.

 “TREEWEST TREE SERVICE”gives 20% discount to pensioners.


Treewest Tree Service is Perth’s TOP Tree Service provider
Ground level large conifer in the hills
Lopping this windy day