Palm Tree Pruning and Removal

Palm Tree Pruning and Removal

At Treewest we clean palms of dead fronds,husks and fruit. We also remove the green waste created  but can do verge stacking if this fits in with the shire waste collection. This applies to ground levels as well. Perth recently has seen a shift in its weather patterns and the palms seem to be fruiting two or three times a year. In areas of high use the berries can cause slip hazards on paths and drives particularly for the elderly. We recommend pruning before the seed pods open to avoid this issue and reduce the mess created. Palms can out grow their yards and although they have root balls it still can cause damage to walls fences and even pools. We have years of experience in removing palms from problem areas.   

Treewest Tree Service


Treewest Tree Service was established in 1999. Experienced in tree lopping, shaping and trimming as well as ground levels.

Don’t risk your safety on a dangerous tree! Climbing a tree with a chainsaw may not be an Olympic event, but it is difficult and dangerous if you don’t have the right saws and safety equipment. At

“Treewest Tree Service” we have all the right gear to get the job done safely and efficiently.

 “TREEWEST TREE SERVICE”gives 20% discount to pensioners.


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Ground level large conifer in the hills
Lopping this windy day